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Design Integration Services

Traquair's customers can leverage the experience of Traquair and D.SigntT engineers by using the Design Integration Services we offer, to assist with utilization of D.Module2 related hardware and software. In doing so, we can help reduce overall application development time and cost.

Traquair Design Integration Services can be used to lay down a preferred starting-point or foundation for customers to commence with their own development, or can be used to implement a complete "end-use" capability. Traquair is particularly happy to work with customers that may have expertise in DSP programming, but no experience with FPGA.

Design Integration Services can be extended in the following areas:

FPGA Development

Xilinx FPGAs provide a tremendous resource for embedded DSP applications, offering the means to process data bandwidths well beyond the capabilities of DSP processors, along with versatile user-defined I/O capabilities. Traquair can advise on the opportunities associated with utilizing Xilinx FPGAs, and facilitate application designs that harness the full potential of both the FPGA and DSP resources on D.Module2 platforms:

Utilization of the D.Module2.6SLXT based Spartan-6 LXT Xilinx FPGA resources:

  • Utilization as a stand-alone signal processing & data processing element
  • Integration as a co-processor to D.Module2 based TMS320C6000 or ADSP-TS203 DSP processors
  • Integration of as pre- or post processors to D.Module2 based TMS320C6000 or ADSP-TS203 DSP processors
  • Integration with analog and digital I/O interfaces
    • Single & multi-channel high-bandwidth A/D & D/A
  • Implementation of signal processing algorithms
    • FFTs, convolution, filtering, down-conversion, etc...
  • Development of customer and application specific digital interfaces
    • Serial, parallel, and customer-defined digital I/O

Please contact Traquair to discuss your interest in Design Integration Services