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CAN Bus Products

CAN Network Infrastructure

Traquair offers an extensive range of CAN products and services for the industrial and automotive markets, in partnership with EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche. From off-the-shelf PC interfaces and networking infrastructure, to device and system level solutions, Traquair is able to satisfy almost all CAN related requirements. Optional services include network design, integration and support of Higher Layer Protocols, semi- and full-custom hardware, software, and system solutions.

Connecting CAN to PCs

Interface CAN resources to PCs running Windows or Linux, via USB, PCI Express, or Ethernet:


CAN Bus Products

CAN Monitoring & Analyisis Tools

Tools for analyzing CAN networks, network activity and resources:

CANwatch CAN Bus Analyzer

CANwatch is a physical layer CAN Bus analyzer for installers and plant operators that offers fast detection of a variety of bus errors and signal deficiences not detectable using protocol analyzers. Detects invalid levels, overshoots, slow slopes and short circuits within the signal lines. It allows for preventive error detection and facilitates increased availability of automated systems.

proCANtool CAN-Monitor

Included free of charge with all CPC PC adapter and EtherCAN products, proCANtool CAN-Monitor is a windows based monitoring software suite to visualize and manipulate CAN messages from a connected PC.


For monitoring, recording, and analysing data traffic in CAN networks, with optional support for J1939.

CANopen Device Explorer

A versatile CANopen master tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. Optional LSS master capability and scripting plugins to create user specific tests or service applications.

CAN Network Infrastructure

Protocol transparent PC interface, gateway, repeater, router, Ethernet, and fiber-optic products for connecting with, extending and interconnecting CAN network resources:

ARM Device Level Solutions for CAN

ARM processor based (SoM) System on Modules for industrial and automotive applications. Availabile in SODIMM, Standard, micro SOM, and (25mm x 25mm) micro GEA form factors, with a rich ecosystem of supporting carrier boards, open frame LCD solutions, Linux and Higher Layer development packages for CAN, CANopen and SAE J1939:

CAN I/O Resources

Interface CAN networks with the real world with analog & digital I/O interfacing options

Higher Layer CAN Protocols

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