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micro-line (Legacy *)

Embedded DSP/FPGA boards

* Legacy Product Family: Established products with extended availability for our long-term commercial customers, but not recommended for new designs. Please visit our home page for the latest active products.

The micro-line family of embedded DSP and FPGA boards provide a range of TMS320C6000 DSP processor, and FPGA capabilities for commercial and industrial applications. They can be utilized as stand-alone embedded DSP or FPGA systems, or integrated as mezzanine plug-in modules with customer or application-specific hardware designs.

The boards provide extensive access to the many device level interfaces supported natively by the DSP and FPGA resources.

Benefits of micro-line

  • Compact, high-quality designs
  • Single board solutions with DSP and FPGA
  • Open architecture
  • Extended temperature options
micro-line C6412Compmact

DSP processor, FPGA, or both?

With micro-line, developers can pursue a strategy of utilizing DSP processors, user-programmable FPGAs, or a combination of both. A broad range of configurations allows developers to optimize for cost, flexibility, resource density, and overall system performance:

Floating-point DSP processor boards


  • 300MHz TMS320C6713 DSP
  • 400k/1MGate Spartan-3 FPGA


  • 300MHz TMS320C6713 DSP
  • LX45/LX75/LX100/LX150 Spartan-6 FPGA
  • IEEE 1394a FireWire Interface