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CAN Bus to Ethernet Gateway Interface


The EtherCAN CI-ARM9/RMD V3.0 is a powerful rail-mounting Ethernet Interface & Gatgeway for CAN bus applications. Powered by a 454 MHz ARM9 processor (Freescale I.MX287) with 2GB eMMC Flash and 128MB DDR RAM this gateway is capable of addressing complex, application specific requirements.

It is suitable for applications where processing of CAN Bus messages in the Ethernet gateway is needed, including, for example, visualization of CAN messages via web server, and complex protocol conversion. The 454MHz Freescale ARM9 CPU provides significant power for such applications. Higher Layer Protocol support is optionally available, including CANopen and multi-protocol stacks, and ready to use CANopen to TCP/IP gateway.

ProCANtool CAN-Monitor for Windows is included with purchase; Advanced Network Monitoring, Analysis, and Higher Layer Protocol Tools optionally available.


Key Features

  • 454 MHz ARM9 CPU (Freescale I.MX287) with 128MB SDRAM, 2GB eMCC Flash
  • 10/100MBit Ethernet; 2 CAN interfaces with galvanic decoupling;
  • RS232 interface for configuration; USB Host interface; SD-Card slot
  • Extensive Software Support:
    • Ready to use CAN Ethernet Gateway functionality
    • CPC Software Runtime & Development kits for Windows and Linux;
    • ProCANtool CAN-Monitor for Windows included with purchase
    • Embedded Development: Linux OS (Kernel 3.5.0)
    • Optional CANopen Toolchain & Stack, CANopen TCP/IP Gateway (CiA 309-3), CANopen TCP Modbus Gateway (CiA 309-2)
  • FCC Class A Verified: Use is restricted to commercial, business, and industrial environments

The implementation in a small, compact and rail-mountable housing eases the use in electrical cabinets. Additionally the connection of the USB 2.0 full speed host interface with a Bluetooth or WLAN Stick opens up the possibility of wireless data transfer.

It also provides an integrated SD Card slot for bulk exchange of data and logging of CAN messages. Both CAN channels are galvanic separated.

EtherCAN CI-ARM9 CAN Gateway

CPC Software Interface Framework



Supporting Software

Treated as a member of the CPC family of PC to CAN bus interface products, the EtherCAN CI-ARM9 benefits from the CPC Software Interface Framework, which provides a consistent host software interface environment for Windows and Linux based applications that is independent of the PC hardware interface being used.

Free of charge

CANsrv CAN TCP/IP Gateway on EtherCAN CI-ARM9


EtherCAN CI-ARM9 back to back briding 2 CAN segments via Ethernet

Optional Network Monitoring, Analysis & Software Design Tools

A variety of software tools can be used in conjunction with the CPC PC interfaces and adapters to extend funcitonality for network monitoring, analysis, and software design.

Need a different type of CAN PC interface? No problem, other USB, PCI Express and Ethernet options are also available.

  • CANinterpreter

    A versatile tool for monitoring and recording of data traffic in CAN networks and its analysis according to proprietary or standardized higher-layer protocols. A number of available PlugIns extends the range of functionality to inlcude Scripting, CANopen interpretation, or Engergybus visualization. The development of PlugIns on customers’ request is also possible. Examples of use inlcude utilization as service tool or as diagnostic tool for devices or plants.


  • CANopen DeviceExplore

    A versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. It provides CANopen master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices.

    CANopen Device Explorer

  • CANopen Tool Chain & Stack

    Integrate host PC environments with CANopen resources using the emotas CANopen Stack and Tool Chain, or native execution on the ARM9 CPU of the EtherCAN

    CANopen Master/Slave Stack

  • EtherCAN CANopen Ethernet Gateway (CiA 309-3)

    EtherCAN based TCP/IP-CANopen gateway compliant with the CiA 309-3 specification.

    CANopen TCP/IP Gateway (Cia 309-3)

  • CANopen Modbus TCP Gateway (CiA 309-2)

    Universal CANopen Modbus TCP gateway compliant with the CiA 309-2 specification.

    CANopen Modbus TCP Gateway (Cia 309-2)

Technical Data

Limiting Values

Parameter Minimal Maximal Unit
Storage temperature -40 +85 °C
Operating temperature -20 +60 °C
Supply voltage -36 +36 V
Voltage on the bus connections 10 +30 V

Any (also temporary) stress in excess of the limiting values may cause permanent damage on EtherCAN CI and other connected devices. Exposure to limiting conditions for extended periods may affect the reliability and shorten the life cycle of the device.

Nominal Values

Parameter Minimal Typical Maximal Unit
Current consumption - 100 150 mA
Supply voltage 10 24 30 V

All values, unless otherwise specified, refer to a supply voltage of 24V and an environmental temperature of 20°C.