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6-Channel 16-bit 500kSPS A/D & D/A

The D.Module2.ADDA500K16 is an A/D, D/A converter daughter card for the D.Module2 family of DSP Computer Modules. Main application areas are fast control loops, servo positioning, power-line monitoring, and automatic test equippment.

The design uitlizes a 6-channel ADS8556 A/D converter and a DAC8822 D/A converter. The ADC frontend simultaneously samples up to 6 single-ended inputs or three differential inputs

The full-scale input range is programmable from ±1V to ±3V. (15V OEM option: ±1 to ±12.5V). The inputs are protected against over-voltages up to 40V. Internal and external calibration options are provided.

Conversion start can be generated internally (programmable sampling frequency) or driven by an external input. The D/A converters operate either synchronized to the A/D converters or independently. The outputs are ±2.5V single-ended.

D.Module2.ADDA500K16 A/D & D/A module

Product Features

A/D Converter ADS8556 16 bit resolution, 500 KSPS, 1.26μs conversion time
D/A Converter DAC8822 16 bit resolution, 500ns settling time
Inputs 6 single-ended or 3 fully differential
programmable ±1 to 3Vpk full-scale input range
(-15V OEM option: ±1 to 12.5Vpk)
1MΩ || 25pF input impedance
DC-coupled, 5MHz bandwidth
(external anti-aliasing filters may be required)
Outputs 2 single-ended, ±2.5Vpk full-scale output range
50Ω output impedance
bandwidth 3 MHz
A/D Sampling all channels simultaneous internal (programmable 4 to 500 kHz), DSP Timer,
or externally applied conversion start (0 to 500 kHz)
D/A Updates synchronized to ADC, driven by DSP Timer, or transparent (immediate update on write to DAC)
A/D Calibration GND (0V), internal Reference (fullscale/2),
or external Calibration input
DSP Interface parallel 16-bit interface, 16 selectable base addresses, two chip select options, two interrupts
Power Supply 3.3V Logic, max. 70mA, typ. 50mA
±5V Analog, max. 250mA, typ. 150mA (-15V OEM: ± 15V)
Mechanics 87 x 58 x 15 mm self-stacking design, board-spacing 10mm
IEEE-1386 high-density connectors
Analog I/O Connectors double-row 2.54mm (0.1") pin spacing
either right-angle to connect 1.27mm (0.05") IDC ribbon cable,
or straight to route analog I/O to your custom base board.
(right-angle connectors are provided with each board, but not mounted)
RoHS conformity yes